I am sure more than a few of you have been looking for Beastie Bay Magic Words. Those are the words, or codes, you can put into the schools once you earn them so that you can level up your beasts without having to go out on expeditions all the time. You have to build your school rather close to your beasts so they will go to 'Class' and earn EXP to level up. I know I have used quite a few of the codes which I found over at Androidfact. Thought we should house them here to just incase you need them. Once you have a school built, just tap on it and then an empty square. Put the 'magic word' in and you will gain that teacher. Best way I have found to do this is to open up this page on your beowser, or tapatalk, then just copy the code you want and go back into your game and paste it. Much easier than sitting there trying to type them in on your device.

  • Moorn lv99 code: CEDMAWIEra/MAWTKCuBcYkp1ag
  • Tutanhop Lv99 code: CEDMAVpCa87MAWS4CiBBYmiNS5TQ
  • Tortugan Lv99 code: CEDMATttpjHMAWTKCuBEYialGQ
  • Pyonpo Lv99 code: CEDMAfK4l5TMAWTKCmBDYhp1ag
  • Sassa Lv99 code: CEDMAarMauvMAWS4CiBZYmitTZTQ
  • Titan Jr Lv99 code: CEDMAeFD9wvMAWS4CmBfYmitTJTQ
  • Kairobot Lv99 code: CEDMAVa8wfvMAWTKCqBZYtJ1ag
  • King Wairobot Lv99 code: CEDMAcZYDG/MAWTKCuBZYhp1ag
  • UFO lvl 29 code: CEDMAWHatTbMAWS4CiBLSkBtS4XQ
  • Scout Lv99 code: CEDMAflIVxTMAWTUCjANMOj9
  • Broccolin Lv99 code: CEDMAVqtRWHMAWTKCqBFYlKlGQ
  • Cobran Lv99 code: CEDMAapDmPzMAWTKCqBLYjalGQ
  • Dark Sparkler Lv99 code: CEDMARmIJYzMAWTKCuBHYhp1ag

So far these have helped, of course long after the 6 years has been completed. If you are good and quick you can get to build schools much sooner than I ever was able to. Now my game just sits open and I let those little rats level up all day and all night. Maybe I will finally be able to beat the game. Man am I terrible at these things.