[GUIDE] LG Optimus-One

Hello there to all the CyanogenMod users, i am here to guide to you through the process of installing a custom rom.
I will try to help and guide each and every one of you (In every possible way) from the first step; Rooting till the last; Flashing a custom rom.


The Guide is divided into several parts:
1) Required Software/ Applications
2) Rooting your phone
3) Flashing/ Installing a custom recovery
4) Flashing custom rom
5) F.A.Q

Lets Begin With This!

1) Required Software/ Applications

# Rooting android version 2.2/ 2.2.1/ 2.2.2 commonly known as froyo requires a mobile application named z4root, which is available here : http://www.mediafire...s366dio31smbmub

# Rooting android version 2.3/2.3.x commonly known as Gingerbread requires a tool named Superoneclick, which is available here: http://forum.xda-dev...ad.php?t=803682

# Flashing a custom recovery could be performed in two ways:-
1) Either by ROM Manager (Clockworkmod recovery only) : https://market.andro...ommanager&hl=en
2) Or by ADB/ Terminal Emulator (Any recovery)

2) Rooting Your Phone:

Rooting an android device is the most common and most easy process nowadays besides its dangerous too (!ROOTING VOIDS WARRANTY!).
So don’t try and root if you want your warranty more than the custom roms or if you do and still wanna take your device to customer service center, make sure that the service center guys are dumb enough to not the find out whether you rooted your phone or not.

So, here it begins
First you need to find out the android version on your device (at present). Do it by pressing the menu key(Left most key) while on homescreen, select “Settings”, scroll down and select “About Phone”. Now navigate and find out the android version.

NOTE: Make sure to enable “USB Debugging” in Settings>Applications>Development before proceeding.

It will turn out in two cases :
# When its Froyo (2.2/2.2.x)
As mentioned above download the application z4root, hit it. Now press the root button.

It will indicate with a popup that its rooted.

# When its Gingerbread (2.3/2.3.x)
As mentioned above download SuperOneClick, hit it. All the method for rooting etc is mentioned their on the download thread of

It will indicate with a popup that its rooted.

NOTE: After rooting reboot your device and check the presence of an app named Superuser in app drawer.

We are done with rooting!


3) Flashing/ Installing a Custom Recovery

After you have successfully rooted your device, its the time to play with some custom recovery.

Now for the newbies, a custom recovery is the tool that lets you play with roms, kernels, wiping & mounting/unmounting processes, installing other flashable zips etc. Also keep in mind that most recoveries are button based (don’t work with touch)
So try experimenting with your phone’s buttons to find out what button performs what action.

Lets begin,
All we gonna need in here is choosing between the most suitable recovery for ourselves. Almost all the android users (above 80%) use Clockworkmod Recovery (CWM) which is officially written and completely operated by Koushik Dutta. (Visit: http://clockworkmod.com/)
1) Open Android Market
2) Search for “ROM Manager”
3) Download it (it will install by itself, if in any way you don’t know)
Note: Please don’t, i repeat don’t try to download the premium versions from warez websites/ blogs. If you want premium version; pay for it and support the hardworking developers. And if you still don’t listen to me, then buy some self respect. STOP PIRACY!

4) When you’re done with downloading and installing, open the app drawer and launch it. The menu should look somewhat like this:

5) Press the “Flash Clockworkmod Recovery” option
6) Popup appears, asking for your device; select “LGE Optimus One”
7) Another popup will appear giving two options for the basebands:
- LG Optimus One (This is for new baseband)
- LG Optimus One (Old BB) (This is for old baseband)

I would advise you to select Old BB recovery as its more stable; new baseband may result in semi-brick (Personal Experience)

8) Make sure to have a completely stable wifi/ 2G/ 3G data connection.
9) When the downloading by the rom manager is complete, it shall ask you to give the root permissions, select “allow”. This will grant Rom Manager the root permissions to flash the recovery.
10 Now when its done, a popup will appear <successfully flashed="" clockworkmod="" recovery="">
11) Hit “OK” and you are done with flashing the recovery.
12) In order to make sure that everything went well; either select “Reboot Into Recovery” option in rom manager to boot into CWM recovery


shutdown your device, press the home button + vol down + power button together untill your phone boots into recovery which looks like this :

Congratulations! You have the CWM recovery on your device. You can now begin with flashing roms (see below)

4) Flashing Custom Roms & Kernels

I want all of you to know that This guide could be used to flash any rom available for your device. For in this case its CyanogenMod 7.

Now, its very much simple (about a daily process for me) to flash a custom ROM.

1) You need to download the CM7 nightly zip file from here : http://get.cm/

2) Make sure to download the right zip for your device. Flashing a wrong zip may turn your phone into a brick.

3) For LG Optimus One P500 users: http://get.cm/?device=p500

4) Download the lates Gapps version from here : http://goo-inside.me/gapps

5) Download the zip files and place them on the root of your sdcard (for convenience)

5) Reboot into recovery
- Wipe System, Data, cache, dalvik-cache, sd-ext (if present) [Do this if your making a fresh install; either coming from stock or some other rom except CM7]
- Wipe Cache [Do this if you’re updating the nightly version]

6) Select “Install ZIP from sdcard” > Choose zip (select the zip you downloaded and placed on the root of your sdcard)

7) When the flashing is done, it will itself notify you. (If you feel that your phone is hanged/ freeze, be patient enough for atleast 2 minutes)

8) Now after flashing the CM7 rom, flash the gapps the same way you flashed rom.

When its done! Reboot system and enjoy the fabulous rom!

NOTE: If any of the experienced users feel that something is wrong in the guide, they could freely point me out here.
This Guide will be updated with F.A.Q and other things as soon as i am over with my finals.

Reserved For F.A.Q</successfully>