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Thread: Moxier Wallet for Android Sneak Peek

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    Default Moxier Wallet for Android Sneak Peek

    Moxier Wallet for Android, a customizable & secure password manager, coming soon.

    Released in July 2009, Moxier Wallet is a secure software vault for managing and storing important frequently used information such as financial data, prescription and health info, vehicle and product data, as well as website logins and passwords. Featuring user-friendly software, customizable settings, powerful encryption technology, and automatic multi-platform synchronization capabilities (PC/Mac/iPhone/iPod touch); Moxier Wallet provides an intuitive solution to overcome consumers’ ever-expanding personal data needs.

    Moxier Wallet’s Key Features Include:
    • Simplified management of sensitive data such as credit card & bank account info, passwords, passport numbers, prescriptions, ATM PIN numbers, web logins, combinations, family information, product serial numbers, personal notes, and much more.
    • Automatic synchronization of encrypted data to an online account, multiple Mac Computers, Windows PCs, and iPhones/iPod touches.
    • Easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI) for viewing, navigating, organizing, and entering new data.
    • Advanced data protection, including 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard technology (AES-256), data masking, online backup, local backup, and local client encryption.
    • Secure multi-device, multi-platform (record-to-record) data synchronization via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for safe and reliable Internet-based data transfers.
    • Customizable records, 20-character password generator, built-in templates, search options, record tagging, feature-rich icons, as well as self-destruct and system-lock features for added safety and convenience.

    Moxier Wallet for Android will be available soon as a Freemium download at the Android Market. Moxier Wallet for Windows and Moxier Wallet for Macs are both available at Moxier Wallet | Secure Password Manager | Features. And Moxier Wallet for iPhones/iPod touches is available at the Apple App Store. Please stay tuned for more details on Moxier Wallet for Android.

    The Moxier Wallet Team
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