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Thread: [REVIEW] HTCClay's FastTest 3.0.3 [03/19/2010]

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    Default [REVIEW] HTCClay's FastTest 3.0.3 [03/19/2010]

    Review of HTCClay's FastTest 3.0.3
    Posted on AndroidSpin by GIBBON

    URL: AndroidSpin DB
    Based off: Donut 1.6
    Created By: HTCClay
    Download: FastTest 3.0.3 FastTest 3.0.2

    First Impressions

    The very first thing that you will notice, if coming from any other non-FastTest ROM, is that you will not be able to get past the setup. After taking a quick look around the wonders of the internet I found (on XDA forums) that installing FastTest 3.0.2, running the setup and then installing 3.0.3 without a wipe. Once done, and although a rather annoying way to get your Google account setup, the second ‘first impressions’ are pretty good. In this I mean that everything after the setup is nice and fast. The new launcher (which appears to be the only thing that HTCClay has noted in his change log) is very neat. You get the icons drift into view from in front of the screen. There are also more icons per line on app tray, meaning there are now 5x5 icons in the tray. Also, there is now the home screen selection icons either side of the app tray icon. Depending on which screen you are on there will be a number of dots to show how many home screens are either way.

    Score: 3/5

    Polish And Appeal

    I have noticed that when you use the phone in landscape, the homescreen notifying dots don’t translate to the left and right of landscape, they stay where they are, meaning they are now above and below your app tray button. Also, if you press the app tray button, then the home button that replaces it quickly, they seem to swap. You get the house icon on the home screen and the app tray button in the tray. Very minor issue as it is, it confused me for a while. We have quite a few nice features included. Included is a power widget. Adding this to your main screen gives you a few options: Reboot, Recovery, Power Down, Boot Loader and Wipe Handset. The bar on the home screen is tidier than the standard. There’s a new music player too, looks very nice with a cube style browser… it looks a lot nicer than the standard but sounds the same. This music player also has it’s own widgets. Three of them. A small, medium and large one. There are a few extra apps too, not shed loads, but some. Everything works nice and smoothly, no lagging and no FCs…

    Score: 4/5

    Stability And Speed

    There have been no more FCs apart from those first ones, but during this load (i.e. after the install of 3.0.2 and then 3.0.3) there have been none. I am still counting that one though as it was on the initial install of this ROM (on the highly unlikely event of him reading, sorry HTCClay) Even when I have many downloads running there was very minor slow down. This is very close to the ideal every day ROM, with a nice mix of fancy graphics and showy-offness with superb stability.
    This is just one ROM that makes this part of Android development worth while.

    Score: 5/5

    Force Close Log
    • Setup, fix is above
    Boot time: 1:26
    Pre installed app’s: Better music player (with widgets), Boot control widget, News and Weather, Power Control Widget, Weather Widget, PhotoSlide, YouTube 4/5
    Battery Life: Lasted a full day after downloads and changing of settings with 30% remaining, normal usage about 40% (7am-9pm day) I have seen better, but not much. 4.5/5

    Overall Score: 4.5/5
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    Default Re: [REVIEW] HTCClay's FastTest 3.0.3 [03/19/2010]

    how can i do ..i have G1..

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