Hello! My name is Dana Wright and this here is my first post at AndroidSPIN. I hope you all enjoy my work! Lets get to it.

For this app review we will be looking at Google Scoreboard.
When you first open Scoreboard you will see something like this: At first it will just have the "favs" icon.

Icons will appear for leagues you have selected from certain sports. As you can see from me, only a few! A great feature is being able to favorite any team in the league of your choice. Favoring a team will let you receive live notifications. You can set the level of notifications you want when you favorite the team.

For die hard fans, this is as good as it can get. On the max notification level you will be notified of the games start/end, every period, and every goal. You can also favorite a team without having notifications. This will just let you have quick access to the schedule on the main screen. When you pick a league, it will show you all the events for the current day. You can also swipe left or right in the screen to go forward or reverse in the schedule. For those who want to look very far ahead/behind, there is an option to pick a specific date.

What you will also notice in the above screen shot is an rss feed of that sports latest news. The app will automatically get an official rss feed to grab the news from, or you can customize it with your own. If you tap a game on the schedule, a scoreboard will replace the rss feed. It will show the live score, and break it down to when points/goals were obtained.

Want a quick glance at the scores? There is also a widget! It comes in black and white flavors (as seen below). With the widget you can see all the sports you are following. You can switch the sport by tapping the logo on the left, and switch through games with the up/down arrow.

That my friends, is Google Scoreboard. It is available in the Market for the sweet, sweet price of Free!