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Thread: [Review] Aldiko eBook Reader [2/21/2010]

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    Default [Review] Aldiko eBook Reader [2/21/2010]

    Today I'll be reviewing Aldiko eBook Reader, or as I like to call it, the, frugal persons eReader.

    Available on the Android Market with a free and premium version and currently a featured app on Sprint, Aldiko allows you search through thousands of public domain titles from Feedbooks, O'Reilly Ebooks, and Smashwords. The catalog is broken down into several categories, with book selections being listed with title and cover art. Selections are downloaded to your personal bookshelf and stored on the SD card. Most recently read books show up on the home screen bookshelf.

    Aldiko uses epub and any file in this format can easily be transferred to the ebook folder on the Android device and imported into your bookshelf. Other formats such as lit, pdf, mobi, rtf, txt, html, fb2, prc**, odt, cbr and cbz can be converted to epub using Aldido-suggested software Calibre.

    Aldiko allows users to customize the text to suit them, allowing options for fonts, size, text and background color options as well as day and night mode. Navigation to chapters is easy as well as bookmarking your page. If you want to customize further, Aldiko lets you tag books and group them into collections.

    The DRM issue. It is possible to load books purchased from Amazon or Barnes & Noble, but additional steps are required to remove the DRM and convert the file to epub. I have not tried this, so I cannot say how easy or worthwhile the process is.

    While I’ve found reading with Aldiko to be an easy and solid experience, getting to that point needs some work. Navigating is slow and laggy at times, downloads are slow, and I’ve had to cancel and retry a few times to get a book to my device.

    Pros: Easy to navigate, ability to customize text to user preference to make reading easy, returning to bookmarked page is quick, importing of epub files is simple.

    Cons: Catalog is primarily classic works with technical books and lesser known modern authors, don’t expect to find Stephen King or James Patterson. Adding Stephen King or James Patterson requires extra work. Navigation is laggy and downloads are slow.

    Bottom line: If you’re happy with the classics, want eBook flexibility without the price, or unsure if switching to eReading is for you, Aldiko is a good way to get your feet wet. If you want to read the latest books and magazines, wait for the Nook for Android mobile app…whenever they get around to making it.

    This review is based on the free version, and it is unclear what is available with the premium.


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    Default Re: [Review] Aldiko eBook Reader [2/21/2010]

    Wow, this looks better than the one i was using to read all 4 books of the twilight series. haha
    Such small details... (squint squint)
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